Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memory Desk

oil 8x8 inches I had a great visit in Happy Jack, but I'm glad to be home. Don't think I'll drive across the desert alone again. I had a few scary moments related to running out of gas and on the way back, overheating. If you ever drive in 116 degree heat, turn down your air, push the recirculate button and keep your rpms under 3000. It worked. As for the painting, I did get one chance to paint and visit at the same time. The desk sat in a tiny alcove lit by a north window. Not just any old antiques, these belonged to her parents and grandparents.


  1. Love this. What an interesting idea to display the keep sakes.
    Wow. Sorry you had such a fretful drive. That is scary considering the conditions. Glad you are home safely.

  2. Hi Karen
    Sounds like you had quite an experience. We are having a heat wave here in Ontario too...but not 112 degrees!
    Absolutely love this piece. Such great items and you brought them all together with great loose strokes and perfect color palette.

  3. Une très jolie atmosphère... j'aime les lunettes posées sur les bouquins...

    Gros bisous.

  4. A very beautiful and interesting still life.

  5. Hard to make so much happen in a small painting and still get the cohesive look you always do! very nice!


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