Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flower Happy

oil 8x8 inches click here to bid I love cut flowers, but don't buy them often because they die usually sooner than later. Not so with this bunch. Got them at Ralph's grocery store (!) and they're still good after 3 paintings and more than a week. For this painting I strayed from my limited palette and mixed in some permanent green light for those bright green notes. Tomorrow we're off to San Diego for a few days of biking and sightseeing...maybe painting and posting too.


  1. Beautiful flowers Karen! nd is amazing they have lasted so long.

    Coming to my neck of the woods - enjoy San Diego.

  2. Beautiful rich colors with confident brush strokes and great edges. This painting is perfect!

  3. Always great color from you Karen and this is no exception. Have a great time in SD. (sounds like Ralph's is the place to shop!)


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