Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Fruit (and a little history) -sold

oil 6x6 inches click here to bid We're having a great time in San Diego, but not much painting going on! Here's a still life I did before we left. I'm especially happy with the grapes here. They're loosely suggested, and the green is natural, not overly saturated. Today we visited the San Diego History Museum which included an exhibit of artworks from local artists of the past. These two paintboxes were from 1916. I was surprised to see little Grumbacher tubes and a corked glass tube for oil in the smaller one. The larger box was completely lined with tin, having two little square holes for medium in the front right corner. Fun to see.


  1. So nice catching up with your blog and beautiful work. You have done lots of great paintings since I last had a chance to look. My favorite is the cherry tomatoes with the pea mixed in.
    Hope you are having fun in San Diego. I went several years ago and would love to return. Happy belated birthday!!

  2. Fantastic painting--wish I could take some classes with you.

  3. MUST you get color perfect every time?! I love these fruit set ups and the painting boxes- glad you're having fun in SD :)


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