Friday, July 20, 2012

Tea Cup With Fruit -sold

oil 6x6 inches click here to bid Admittedly, I ran out of titles for fruit paintings a long time ago. I like this painting. Can I say that? When I finished I decided to sneak tiny bits of red into the grapes and the cup for unity's sake. When I looked hard, I could find little red specks in the grapes, but for the cup I just invented some. The cherry edges are quite soft so that the cup can try to steal the show.


  1. Such a lovely painting--so soft and peaceful. I love it.

  2. Love the blue in your background...Perfect of course for your beautiful fruit.

  3. You can certainly say you like it, Karen, and I can say I LOVE it! I also like the way you described a little bit of your process, like the tiny touches of red and the cherry having soft edges. That is very helpful to me and I like learning your little tricks.


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