Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Still Life

oil 9x12 inches Click for purchase info and magnifier I love the colors of Fall. For this painting I grabbed a pumpkin off our front porch, and some leaves from our neighbor's yard. The 1920's silver water pitcher was a great find at a flea market. I left it tarnished, cause that's the way I like it! This is actually the second painting I did from the subject. On the first go-around I did not take my own advice that design is the most important thing, and if the design drawn on your canvas doesn't look good, no amount of excellent painting will improve it. Lesson learned (again!) The more I paint, the more need to learn...and re-learn.


  1. I love that advice's true now that you mention it! I will use it from now on.

  2. This is positively gorgeous, if I weren't a starving artist I'd buy it.

  3. Right on, same here regarding design, design, design. But oh, how I love your loose brushwork Karen!


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