Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pom With Sticks -SOLD

oil 6x6 inches click for purchase information and zoom Here's number two of three pomegranate paintings I did at the fair. We're back from a great little camping trip to the beach which included sunshine, biking and a nice dinner out to celebrate our 39th anniversary. One day I even pulled on my old wetsuit to romp in the surf 'till I decided the romp was a bit too rough for me, and no lifeguard either. Didn't want anybody to have to tell my six grandkids that Gramma drowned trying to body surf!! How humiliating! HA! One more pomegranate painting after this and then it's on to a variety of things I painted at the fair....25 paintings was my final total. Not that the number matters of course, but hey...I was just keepin' busy.


  1. Stunning Karen! Love the loose strokes and colors.

  2. Happy anniversary Karen! And six grand kids! Good for you. Love the colors and loose brushwork in the pom paintings. First time for me to check out your mission paintings as well. My favorite has to be the hallway scene. Lots of great stuff here!

  3. Love the pomegranates. You are to be congratulated for the great discretion you used in body surfing. How fun!


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