Wednesday, October 23, 2013


oil 12x6x1 1/2 inches click for purchase info and magnifier I prepped this canvas with oil ground. Then for the painting, I toned with burnt umber and wiped it down. The texture and color gave it a stained look that I liked so much, I decided to paint only the objects and no background. The image wraps around the sides. I really like the rustic look of this, and I LOVE the eucalyptus. The blue-greens are so yummy! After this, I went driving around looking for eucalyptus trees I could cut from for future paintings. I found some gigantic unattended ones in dairyland. Woo hoo!!! Here's the painting leaning on our fence so you can see how it wraps around the sides.


  1. I love the eucalyptus too, they have great shape and the cool green really makes the flower pop. Just super!

  2. Your technique worked really well. And you are right, those greens are just beautiful. What colour palette did you use?
    Karen, I was having the same problem with my pictures changing when I posted them to blogger. Apparently with google+ there is an auto enhance that automatically changes photos. You have to go into the settings and uncheck aute enhance. I had to sign up for Google + to undo it. Now my pictures will look like they are supposed to!

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Receiving feedback about my work is very encouraging! I really appreciate it. Catherine, my palette for the greens was ultramarine blue or thalo blue mixed with cad yellow medium or cad yellow light respectively. I probably added a bit of cad red medium especially in the cooler leaves. I don't use any tube greens. I prefer to mix them all. And thanks for your tip about pictures on Blogger. I'll check that out!


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