Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jo's Roses -a still life oil painting with roses

oil 12x16 inches magnify/purchase I went to visit my friend Jo, who months ago had a nasty fall and resulting fracture. I took her some Chicken Tortilla Soup and fresh apples from Oak Glen. She asked me to cut some roses from her front yard and take them home. They needed to be cut, she insisted. So we shared. She has the best attitude and is healing nicely. I would try to paint them, I said, but had generally been avoiding roses because they're so difficult to paint well. No more avoidance. These were too pretty to pass up. The green mutsu apple on the left seemed the perfect foil to the reds and pinks. The iPhone shot on the bottom is actually most accurate of the painting.


  1. Stunning. Rich and glorious color. Love the side by side shot - yes, stunning!

  2. 'Fun catching up with your blog Karen. Lots of goodness here! The "Santa Monica Pier" is awesome. Good job on composing that one. You also did a beautiful job on the roses. I am proud of you for taking them on. I bought some beautiful white ones a week or so ago and ran out of time to paint them. Love seeing all the color when I come to your blog. Instant happiness.

    1. Thank you, Carol. I think color drives me more than anything else. White roses? Now THAT would be extra scary!!! You go first! 😜

  3. Karen, what a wonderful tribute to the beauty of roses. Glad that you won't hesitate to paint them in the future. No subject is beyond your reach

  4. Fantastic Karen, Beautiful. All the best karen.


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