Friday, February 18, 2011

Band-Aid Box-SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches

This is an 85th annual collector's edition Band-Aid box. Lots of band-aids from this box went onto the skinned knees of my former first-graders and kindergartners. I've intended to paint it for a long time, and now it fit right in with my practice of white things. With the addition of glass and Q-Tips I tortured myself further! Well, maybe for a while, but then it started coming together. (Whew!) Leaving some of the burnt umber ground was like magic in making it look old and beat up. Every time I paint text on something I think of my dad, a sign painter who did beautiful hand lettering. I love doing text.


  1. This is a great painting. Great job on all those whites. I didn't know that you loved doing text.

    I remember when Band-Aids came in those metal boxes. I used to love to get them and put my treasures in them.

  2. VEry nice! love the subject and the way you painted the whites!

  3. Hi Karen, I love this painting! I would have chosen it as my favorite daily painting if I had discovered you in time! I've started watching you for my blog and will be keeping a close eye on you... This painting would be so perfect in my bathroom!! Adorable!

  4. This is so nostalgic. I have a few of those old tins but alas, they're brand x not the nice Bandaid box you did.


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