Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magnolia Blossom II -sold

oil on canvas panel 8x8 inches
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Though it takes me a while to paint these blossoms, I've arrived at a process that works. I start from the center and work outward painting each petal one at a time. This allows me to overlap my strokes where I need soft transitions. Then painting the next petal behind, I can cut into and shape the edge of the previous petal. With mostly alizarin and some cad red light I've been able to approximate the pinks, but at the end I added some quinacrodone magenta, which I don't normally use.


  1. Oh, thank you for sharing how you build these beauties! I will borrow your approach the next time I do roses!

  2. I second that. Having some insight into how you've painted these wonderful peonies is just awesome. Plus, the painting is beautiful, as always.

  3. Beautiful Karen! This one is more spontaneous, and the light is great!

  4. Beautiful, Karen! This is spontaneous, and the lighting is great - very dramatic.


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