Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vino Berries SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches

I was on a roll after taking yesterday's challenge, so with an empty bottle of vino I just kept painting. The strawberries were fresh from a field nearby so their green thingies were perky, not wilted and half-dried like you get in the stores. Love that red and green combo, so they are the perfect fruit for color pop. It seems shadows on white are not as dark...maybe because the white is reflecting light all around. I set the timer for these strawberries too...each one taking right around 10 minutes...I bent the rules a bit!


  1. Totally love these. How in the world are they so fresh so early in the year? I cannot wait until we finally get in season strawberries here in Singapore. Now you just gave me a craving!

  2. Love your work, unforced yet planed stokes with a great sense of color temperatures. Often I see lovely little treasures in your work like the way you handle the interaction of object, like in this painting, where the strawberry sits beside the bottle. That little hit of light and then the reflection of the berry in the bottle. I love that stuff and in your work... I eat it up!!


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