Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Shoes

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches

Daily Paintworks gave us a "paint your shoes" challenge recently. These are my favorite shoes for style and comfort. I live in flip flops, so I don't wear these very often, but still they're my favorite shoes. I thought about leaving out all the gold stitching to simplify the painting, but the stitching is part of the style, so I decided to paint it in a simplified way. The color palette was enjoyably limited: burnt umber, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, cad yellow medium and Twhite.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Stretch your imagination a bit, and my shoes could be 21st century pilgrim shoes: black leather with buckles.


  1. They do look comfy! I like how you simplified this. I really like how you depicted the shine on the black shoes, ranging from grays to dark. Well done!

  2. Oh what comfortable looking shoes.Love them.

  3. So cool! Who would think a pair of shoes can be so interesting! I love the highlights and the stitching. Nice work Karen!

  4. Great job on making a nice painting of shoes! Also like your Persimmon and it's flowing looseness and color.

  5. Great paintwork Karen, your shoes really look comfortable and lived in...


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