Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall In A Jar -sold

oil on canvas panel 8x6 inches

Just as I was finishing this on Friday night, the accountant left his easy chair and entered my paint cave (because there was nothing on TV, he said.) He pronounced this painting "confusing" and said I can't confuse my viewers by painting stuff that they don't know what it is. Well, "Yes I can if I want," I said. So here's a guide left to right and top to bottom: acorn, pussy willows, acorn top, crab apples, chestnuts.


  1. Love this! And...the story that goes with it! Seriously though, it is creative and you had me with just fall in a jar! Superb:)

  2. I am not confused. I was breezing through the daily paintworks page and yours jumped out at me. Love the beautiful reds and warm browns against the cool jar colors.

  3. Really beautiful, Karen. Funny about the accountant! His math brain vs the artist's brain. The light in the painting and reflections on the jar really pop against the dark background. And I love the warm colors!


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