Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Check'n The Map

oil on gallery wrap canvas 8x8x1 1/4 inch
ready to hang
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While in San Diego we did a walking tour of Balboa Park. My husband sat down to see where we were going next. The tiles at his feet were also between him and the water, and painted as a solid color field it was reading as a vertical plane instead of horizontal. I had to add some indication of tile pattern receding in space which seemed to help. I've submitted this to Dana Cooper's DPW Challenge; the seated figure. To see the other entries click here.


  1. This is wonderful! I love scenes like this that show something of everyday life. You handled the tiles very well, and the shadows are great!

  2. The black ground makes the colors pop in this piece. I love that it is your husband. He made for an interesting painting. Love the terra cotta against the blues.

  3. Makes me wonder what he is thinking. Love it.

  4. Good job on this challenge, Karen! I'm think of entering this one too.

  5. You're paintings are so dynamic and that's what makes a compelling image. Perfect placement of the figure and all elements are important. In other words, there are no areas in the painting which are undefined.
    This is the entire point of painting a great picture.


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