Monday, January 30, 2012

Short Leash

oil on canvas panel 10x8 inches
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I've been waiting to paint this scene for a long time because frankly, the figures scared me. Now less scared, it was time. We went to Los Angeles for the Amgen Tour of California time trials a couple of years ago where this attendee caught everyone's attention. Like Carol Carmichael said recently, if there was a leg challenge, I could enter this. They really were that long. Things are incongruous here. I looked that word up in my synonym/antonym book. :-) Guess who's walking the dog? Also incongruous.


  1. This title is hilarious. I know exactly what you mean by scarey figures. Fantastic!

  2. Un toutou qui en a assez que sa maƮtresse discute ainsi!!! Donne-moi un peu plus de laisse!...
    Une belle composition...
    gros bisous

  3. This is wonderful...every itty bitty detail.

  4. Beautiful job. I love the casualness of the pose and the quizzical look on the puppy's face. I also love the peeks of red left throughout...very nice

  5. What a great job! Beautiful skin tones, great body language. Only the dog was noticing you! I've read that dogs make great introductions for meeting people. I like that the girl is all dressed up and he is so casual. (Did she stop to talk to him because of the dog?) Nice details on the background, too. Love the suggestion of the buildings, with the red peeking through. And just enough detail on the people to let the viewer know there is a crowd, but not enough to detract from the central figures. Love everything about this!


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