Monday, January 23, 2012


watercolor and gouache 12x13.5 inches
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The rainy weekend got me working in watercolor. I have a big picture window in my watercolor studio over our garage where I can paint and watch the rain fall. The photo reference for this piece was taken on a visit to Joshua Tree National Park. It was late afternoon when we found this oasis. If you dig down a bit you hit water. So cool!!! The only oasies I had ever seen were in cowboy movies, or "shoot'em ups" as my dad called them. Oh yeah, back to the painting. I used some tinted gouache at the end for the man's shirt and blue sky holes (more subtle in the painting than here.) Lots of fun on a rainy day.


  1. Grâce à vos personnages votre peinture prend une autre dimension. On sent un lointain...
    Votre arbre est fantastique et l'ensemble de vos couleur harmonieuses.
    Gros bisous

  2. Beautiful painting Karen! I love your composition and the use of blue...

  3. Beautiful painting, Karen. I like the brush strokes in this. And your colors and compositions are great! Great job!

  4. Love the brushwork in this piece. And...everything else. I am such a purple fanatic so I love the way you lead us into the piece and then we get to end with the purple mountains majesty in the back right.
    Know your brother loves his corgie painting. They have great smiles.

  5. I so enjoy your watercolors! The glazing and wonderful abstract shapes of your brushstrokes are amazing. All great for the "hungry eye" to see
    Mary Jo Werner


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