Saturday, January 21, 2012

Riley Smiles

oil on canvas panel 10x8 inches
private collection Brighton Colorado

Riley the smiling Corgi belongs to my brother and his family. In the photo reference Riley is enjoying the desert with its red dirt. It must have been a cloudy day because there was no division of light and shadow, and yet a little reflection of the sky shone in Riley's eyes. I included most of his body to get that Corgy look; big ears and short little legs. I toned the canvas with thalo red rose and indian yellow which gave it a glow I'm really happy with. This is a late Christmas present. Merry Christmas, Bro! Hope you like it!


  1. Don't you love how dogs smile? You really captured the look.

  2. I love this Karen! Riley's smile says it all!!

  3. What a wonderful gift! Love the expression on the pup. Riley, also my brother's dog's name, looks very happy!

  4. your paints is very beautiful, Karen : )


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