Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nectarine With Jar

oil 6x6 inches not for sale at this time Next painting in my adventure with Arches oil paper. I'm happy to have found this grayed brown, almost like a dark taupe. The neutrality of it gives the painting an earthy feel. I used transparent red oxide, ultramarine blue and some cad yellow medium. It's amazing the variety of neutrals you can get with these.


  1. This is wonderful. You have inspired me to look for something to hook every day.

  2. Karen, this is truly beautiful! Your colors just glow and compliment one another. Love that dark background. Such a rich, dark color, and it really sets off the brighter colors! Also, I read your review of the Arches paper and I appreciate you writing your thoughts regarding the pluses and minuses. I've seen it advertised, but, as yet haven't purchase any. I would like to try it soon. Great work!


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