Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Still Life With Blue Pot

oil 8x10 not for sale at this time I found this little blue pot at my favorite local thrift store. Here I've placed a lot of circular objects in a circle. The squirrel mop brush was badly needed for a linear element. One of these days I'll put some water in that pot and do a splashy watercolor with that brush. You may notice the high key of this painting in contrast with my previous few. I had to lighten things up. All that dark muted paint was making me glum! The splashy watercolor might be a good fix too. For those of you following my Arches oil paper saga, here's my last entry: I gessoed this paper ahead of time, and the paint didn't soak in. Still, the texture was smooth in a fuzzy kind of way, not smooth like Gessobord. I decided I'll stick with canvas, linen and Gessobord. Arches oil paper might be great for collage work. It's tough. As for my finished paintings, I varnished one today and luckily the color came back up. All of them might go on sale at a later date after I figure out how to mount them on board. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Karen
    I really like these last few postings. Beautiful brush work,great highlights, and just all round great paintings.
    A while back I did some studies on canvas paper that I found in the studio. The paintings turned out ok and I wanted to sell them. I bought some cradled gessoboard panels (not the white surface, but masonite. I sanded them to get some tooth and then coated with Golden Gel (Matte) and pressed on the painting. Voila, a painting on cradled board! They stuck really well...I checked on line, and that is what people seemed to use.
    I wish I could get around to visiting blogs more..I'm getting ready for a show and am going crazy. I think everyone likes to use facebook these days anyway. Personally, I can't stand facebook, but I post on there once in a while.

  2. I can't decide what I like the most, the oranges or the grapes.


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