Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hat Shop -sold

oil 12x9 inches click for purchase information and zoom Once in a while my husband and I go to Old Town Pasadena for a nice dinner and walk along Colorado Blvd. This hat shop caught my eye with the black and gold. The glow inside drew people in right off the sidewalk, including my husband. He put on a stylish hat and did a little silly dance. Can't take him anywhere. Another customer complimented him on his "nice moves." He keeps me laughing.


  1. Nice color combinations. Great painting and cute story to go with it. It made me smile!

  2. Hi Karen, This is great. You have such wonderful brush work. Love hats, so this is a favorite.

  3. Super. Love the colors and the blue tile work to compliment all the orange and golds. Your husband sounds like a keeper. One reason my husband and I are still so happy after 30 years is because we are both so goofy and love to laugh.
    Great painting!!

  4. Adorable painting. I love all the shops down by Old Town Pasadena too.


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