Friday, August 30, 2013

Natural Snack

oil 6x6 inches click for purchase information and zoom I love the Granny Smith green with the red grapes. Leaving them on my wood cutting board gave it a natural look that I really like. All the color is muted just a bit which helps too. Today I'm off to Opening Day at the LA COUNTY FAIR. Lots of painting time ahead, as the fair runs the entire month of September. Last year resulted in 22 paintings! My days there are long, so I'll have to sneak in a post when I can. For all of you locals, come and hang out! Look for the Millard Sheets Gallery. It's cool inside, and there's a huge variety of art to see.


  1. Wish I could visit you there. Maybe one day? So you paint and sell while you are there??
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Hi Karen, I just met you at the fair on the opening day. My blog is called "Jewel Paints" I love your art and am inspired by it. I am a beginner in painting and I jus love it. Here is my new blog.

    1. Great to meet you, Julia. I'll check out your blog. Happy painting!

  3. Carol, I sure wish you could visit too. Yes, I demonstrate all day and have my work for sale at my booth and in the gallery store. It's a great experience showing the general public what its like to be a painter. Elementary students come through Wed thru Fri on field trips. It's too much fun doing what I love and educating too!

  4. This is lovely Karen, the grapes look so real with that highlight.

  5. Beautiful as always. I haven't been to the fair for many years, but you would be a great reason to go again. Usually during a heat wave as I remember...ha


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