Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mo's, Pismo Beach

oil 8x8 inches click for purchase information and zoom In April we unexpectedly bought a small RV. Whooppeee! I've been dreaming about RVing and painting for years. On August 9th we took off on our first kinda-long trip. We drove north to Pismo Beach, up majestic Highway 1 to Big Sur, then on the way home stayed in Solvang. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip. I took all my oil painting gear, but I quickly found out I wasn't able to get it to where I wanted to be. From our various campsites we needed to bike a few miles to the "points of interest". Okay, this is getting long. Bottom line: I should have taken my watercolor sketching stuff. Anyway....I took lots of pictures, including this sign I just fell in love with. Later, we fell in love with their BBQ and homemade potato chips. Yum! Around the corner was Old West Cinnamon Rolls. Oh my gosh. (It's all about the food!!!) Good thing we were riding and hiking! Okay, back to the painting. After the BBQ we biked back to our campsite where I painted this outside from my laptop. I love signs, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. Below are some shots I thought you might enjoy.
Top to Bottom: Looking south along Big Sur, painting at our site in Oceano(eeeewww, camp hair!), near Pismo Dunes


  1. That is a dream of mine as well..hit the open road with paints and an RV. I'm jealous. I just love this sign and your painting. Signs really are great!

  2. I am cracking up at your
    'camp Hair". So funny. That was the reason I quit camping when I was about 16. My precious hair could not be washed. Don't really care any more. Bandanas are always helpful.
    I love the Mo's painting. And...the story that is behind it. The photos of the views are wonderful too.
    Highway 1 scares the heck out of me. I am one of those people.
    Fun and productive travels to you!! Sounds great. I think?

  3. Thanks, ladies! Carol, Hwy 1 scared me too. Especially going south where one false move and you go over the cliff and into the ocean. I had to drive so I wouldn't be a terrible passenger. My husband was very understanding. Bless his heart!


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