Sunday, August 4, 2013

Haystack Rock View -sold

oil 8x16 inches This is a commissioned painting for a client who contacted me by email. Her husband took a great photo of Haystack Rock while they were on vacation, and the painting is a surprise birthday gift for him. I really enjoyed working on this one, partly because I've visited haystack myself, but mostly because of the client's excitement about the commission. It was such fun to take part in a special birthday surprise!


  1. Beautiful! What a treasure this will be for her husband. Great painting!

  2. Nice karen!What a surprise to see Haystack rock painted by you! This is where I live! The flowers in the foreground are a nice touch.

  3. Thanks, Carol and Brian. The flowers in the foreground were in his photo. Understandably, the client wanted the painting to look like the photo. The only change I made was to move the foliage from the right side to the left, for better balance.


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