Friday, April 9, 2021

Ginger Jar Mums


Ginger Jar Mums  oil 8x8  
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These mums came with the house.  All my pots of mums that come from the grocery store end up in a hidden corner of my backyard where they grow and bloom over and over again.  When we bought our house the previous "lady of the house" (boy, that's an old term!), planted her mums there also, so I have a nice variety.  The easiest flower to paint is a daisy type in my opinion.  They typically have a large circular center with one or two rows of petals coming out.  Sunflowers qualify also.  This type of flower can be painted simply which gives it a fresh, not overworked look.  I paint the center first, then the petals in shadow, followed by the petals in the light.  When the stems, leaves and vase are in I "cut in" around the flowers with the background color, This allows for some soft edges and irregularity of petal shape and placement.  Easy peasy!  And fresh.  
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