Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flight Day Prep -sold

oil 9x12 inches
click here to bid
100% of sale to benefit Wounded Warrior Project
custom framing available

This aircraft is a favorite of mine. Admittedly, I know very little about planes, but the paintjob on this one is cool. And look- the engine is almost half the size of the whole plane. I bet it was really fast back in the day. I painted it once before, but it was inside the hangar. I felt lucky to see it out in the sun getting ready to fly.


  1. Great job and a great cause to support

  2. I love this series of planes you are doing Karen, and I think it is wonderful that you are donating the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project.

  3. She is a beauty and thanks for your contribution to the wounded warriors. Like your composition and colors.

  4. That is an awesome plane and an awesome painting! I love the way you cropped it Karen! Makes for a beautiful composition!

  5. This series is fabulous. One of my sons is a pilot currently deployed and the other works for the Wounded Warrior Project. The paintings are so beautifully rendered, composition exquisite and your generosity very much appreciated.


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