Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pear & Cherries SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
This is the second painting done in my new little 10x11ft upstairs-former kid's-bedroom- studio. It feels odd painting in there...seems like a boy should still be playing legos in there. The walls were a yellowish white which gave everything in the room a yellow glow--not good for painting! So I found a neutral made by Behr called "Gallery Taupe", and it's perfect! My work will look good on the walls, and the wall color doesn't influence color judgement. Lighting has been an issue, but I have daylight lampstands on order. Next will be shelving and a rug. My family says my art has taken over the "whole house". I just smile. At least now we can all eat in the dining room.


  1. Really wonderful painting. Pear has awesome shape to it with angles. Love those yummy red cherries. The new studio is good for you:) Congrats on that.

  2. congratulations on your new studio space; you'll spend many happy and productive hours there! Great job on the cherries in this painting; they have such "gesture".

  3. Beautiful painting. Nothing like red to make a painting pop.

  4. You NEED a space and I'm thrilled for you.
    Nice painting here.

  5. These cherries are fabulous. Love the brushwork at the top of the pear, too.


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