Friday, July 29, 2011


oil on canvas panel 4x4 inches
shipping available after Aug. 9

Here's the second of three finger puppet paintings. The saturated color and plush fabric was so fun to paint! We're on our way to Glacier National Park today. Spent the whole day driving and have one more day to go. I'm hoping to find time to paint and post if there's wi-fi. This will be our first visit there and we've heard it's beyond beautiful, so we're really excited!


  1. Oh, this is just so sweet! And cool. And colorful! I hope you get lots of photos at Glacier that you can share with us!

  2. Oh, that's so cute! Love the colors, the brushwork, and the expression of the little fellow! :)

  3. What a whimsical face! Love those little antennae. Cute!
    Have fun on your trip!

  4. Have fun on your trip:) Your painting reminds me of my boys mobiles when they were baby babies. So sweet and colorful:)


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