Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scramble Ready -sold

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
No shipping until after Aug. 9

Most days this scene is part of my morning routine. Still thinking yellow and blue, the egg yolk fit the bill, and luckily the brown with blue is another favorite combo of mine. The fork was added for line amid all the round shapes.


  1. Love this composition. The fork is a gorgeous addition. You really nailed the egg and eggshell!

  2. Wonderful color combination here. Your brushwork and compositions are always the best. Love all the lemon paintings too!
    Thanks for all your words of encouragement for my walk. Was great but am so glad to be home with a little time on my hands to paint.

  3. Wonderful job on the shells, Karen!

  4. Great color, shapes + technique Karen.
    Making me so very hungry since my donut is gone.

  5. Karen, this is stirring. I mean it! Not to say you might not want to also whisk that egg because it is so believable. Beautiful work.

  6. Dear Karen,
    Nice composition.


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