Friday, July 22, 2011

Floater Frames

"Flute Commission" is off to Oklahoma dressed up in this floater frame from King Of Frame. I discovered these high quality wood frames a few months back, and have been using them almost exclusively since. The advantage is that none of the painting image around the sides is lost under a standard frame edge. This particular frame is "La Paz Dark With Silver." It also comes in La Paz Dark with gold, which suits most of my work. I carefully paint the edge of the panel with archival black gesso then mount the panel right into the frame. If you're purchasing one of my paintings, now you can receive it suitably framed and ready to hang.


  1. It looks beautiful framed! Wonderful composition!

  2. Beautiful painting! Love the reds against the sliver flute and that frame just wraps it all together wonderfully. I laughed when I saw your comment on my blog...Yes, we did do the same floater style frames:) I love how they just frame out the work and leave an edge.


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