Friday, July 8, 2011

Crimped Cad -sold

oil on canvas panel 6x4 inches
A couple years ago I bought a tube wringer supposedly to get the last blob of paint out of each tube. Seems now more like a toy. It's so fun to crimp every tube in the house, paint or toothpaste...(hey, what other tubes can I find?) I'm sure I'm not the only painter who loves her equipment. Carpenters are in love with tools, cyclists with their bikes and gear, etc, etc. Sometimes when I go into my studio I feel like a kid going in to play with my toys. Just look how pretty that tube of paint is!


  1. So are you using the wringer Karen? My husband bought one for the toothpaste and it infuriates him that I still squeeze in the middle of the tube.
    Nevertheless, I love this solitary tube and the lush background green!

  2. I like this simple, but complex painting. Beautiful brush strokes and color.


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