Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lacey- Dog Portrait Commission

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
Here's the fourth dog portrait for my friend, Gwen. This is Lacey's expression when she's waiting for you to throw her ball. If that doesn't do it, she'll spin around in tiny little circles 'till you just can't resist her cuteness. To see Gwen's other dog portraits, go to "labels" below and click on "dog portraits".


  1. This is wonderful- the tiny thumbnail brought me right in. Love the face and her little tongue:) Can just see this bundle of joy and you captured her spirit. Wonderful!!

  2. Love the way you painted the fur, especially her ears! What a cutie. I like all for these portraits!

  3. This precious little face brought a big smile to me face. She's oozing with personality! I know her owner is thrilled!


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