Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lemons & Cherries SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x8 inches

While walking my dog I was lucky enough to find a neighborhood garage sale offering these big lemons with stems and leaves. First paint 'em, then lemonade. A few paintings back I really liked the deep red cherry color on the brown cloth, so thought I'd try it with the lemons. Getting the shadow side of lemons dark enough and the right color is tricky. That stem sticking off the edge and the fold there were both deliberate. It keeps the eye from going right off the painting with the horizontal edge of the table.


  1. Well, first off...I have serious lemons with leaves envy. That is one of my very favorite things and you have painted this beautifully. Then you go and add in my next favorite=cherries! Super sigh. This is wonderful. Love the way you kept the eye in the painting. See! That is what I am trying to learn- the stuff like that:) I give this a happy gorgeous with a beautiful thrown in.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. Your enthusiasm is contagious from your comments and your blog! Both delightful! Thanks so much.

  3. It is beautiful!! The cherries and lemons go so well together. It's mouth watering good:) Great, bright colors!

  4. Great composition, Karen. I haven't learned to think about stuff like that yet in my paintings. It's a lovely painting, though. I can appreciate that! Beautiful job on the lemons. And the leaves are great!


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