Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cherry On To-sold

oil canvas panel 6x6 inches
shipping available after Sept. 30

Monday and Tuesday I had a delightful visit with fellow artist Susan Denison from Arizona. She and her standard poodle have been traveling in her camper van hither and yon, and took time out to meet me and paint with me. She arrived subject matter in hand: flowers and this large luscious cupcake. Found out two can paint in my little paint cave quite nicely. We painted outdoors on Tuesday. Will post that painting later. What fun! Thanks, Susan!
Other news: Tomorrow I'll be driving my mom and I to Denver to visit my brother. No painting or posting on this trip. I'll be back in about a week.


  1. Love Cherry on Top! What a special treat to have a painting buddy come and paint. I just love the highlights on the chocolate drizzles here:)
    Travel safe and enjoy!! Sounds wonderful.

  2. Yum! Love that luscious frosting! I like the dark background, too. Really sets off the cupcake and plate.

    Have an save and fun trip!

  3. Very cute subject matter and well painted!


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