Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brussels Sprout Basket SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches

At Trader Joe's the other day I saw something I'd never seen before; fresh Brussels sprouts on the stalk. The thing was about 24 inches long! Still life material! We cut them off and steamed them for company, but I still had quite a few left for painting. The basket lit from the side adds contrast of light and shadow. I used a lot of transparent red oxide because even in shadow it had a reddish glow. I love that color and use it a lot.

This afternoon I painted in Tustin. Hope to post that tomorrow if I have time and can get a good shot of it.


  1. Great job. These are my husband's favorite vegetable. I keep avoiding painting them.

  2. I love the composition and how the basket is cropped into the piece. Very strong arrangement!

  3. Your sprouts are just spectacular:) I saw the same thing in Trader Joe's here awhile back and was just shocked...could not believe they really come on a stalk like that:) Gorgeous job on all the little shifts in the greens. Hope all went well in Tustin- can't wait to see!!

  4. Even though I live in Beaufort, SC, we were in Trader Joe's in Sonoma, CA this past Friday and saw the brussel sprouts on a stalk. You have captured them beautifully, and I love the use of the red oxide. Great painting!!!

  5. You are the second person today to recommend transparent red oxide. I've used it only as an underpainting, never to paint with. I think now that I'll have to add it to my palette.

    Great job on this one, by the way. Love the basket!


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