Monday, October 24, 2011

Old Town Storefront -sold

The Tustin Art Walk on Saturday was fabulous! I entered the painting above in the Plein Air Contest. Old Town Flooring occupies this, one of the oldest buildings in Tustin. Though my painting didn't win any awards, I can't complain... it was purchased by Margaret from the flooring company. Thanks, Margaret!

You can see from the photo of the building the most interesting part (the front) was completely in shadow. I lightened things up a bit so I could play with the little bits of color in the windows and flag. On Friday I positioned myself behind a parked car where I could see my subject across Main Street. When the lunch hour traffic backed up in front of me, those Tustin people were so nice most of them left space so as not to block my view!

I met the nicest folks and had my highest sales ever. Thanks to Tustin Parks and Rec for all their hard work, and especially thank you to all who stopped by my booth to say hi!


  1. Oh I just love it. Sounds like you had a great day and it shows.

  2. Love this Karen. So admire the toils you plein air painters go through. I am a bit shy painting in front of strangers so I am not sure it is for me. You did a beautiful job with this store. Lots of character. Glad to hear about the sales!!

  3. The only thing better than a ribbon is a sale!! Congrats on all your success! I don't think I have the chomps for plein air, I commend you:)

  4. Love the painting Karen and congratulations on the sale! Boy, I wish more people were that friendly. Sounds like you had a great time!

  5. Wonderful job on both the store and the old house. I love the picture of you standing in the street! Brave soul! And congratulations on the sales. Sounds like a fabulous weekend.


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