Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuxedo Cake SOLD

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
private collection La Quinta, California

The grocery store had this pretty little dessert yesterday. This square plate with the rounded corners can be tricky to draw so this time I considered that when I placed it. Part way through my painting session, the power went out for almost two hours. I resisted painting for about 45 minutes, then I couldn't stand it anymore. I painted the fork and gray-blue with not much natural window light. I knew it was risky, but when the power came back on it looked pretty good. I added highlights, and was done. I'm especially happy with the fork. The power outage forced me to paint it without fussing.


  1. Sweets! My favorite topic to paint.
    This is good enough to eat Karen!

  2. Boy, this would be hard to paint without eating it! Very nice!

  3. Wow! Such a complicated subject so simplified and well done!

  4. Beautiful painting and so well executed.


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