Saturday, October 1, 2011

Road Trip

This coming week my watercolor classes start, so today I've been doing some prep for that. I may not get to my easel until late tonight. Thinking about watercolor and my recent trip to the Denver area, it's a good day to post these shots. This beautiful canyon is in Utah somewhere between Grand Junction, CO and Richfield, Utah. The other photo is my watercolor "Alaska" over my bother's mantle. Last fall he purchased many of my paintings and being an accomplished woodworker, built the frames himself with all kinds of woods and some inlays. He also builds beautiful custom furniture in the Arts & Crafts Style. What a treat it was to see my work framed with such creativity and care.
To see "Alaska" see labels at bottom of this post and click on Alaska.


  1. I did not know you painted in watercolor too. Good luck with your classes. "Alaska" is a beautiful piece and I love the way your brother framed it. Post pictures from your classes.

  2. Your painting is beautiful and beautifully framed! It looks great there!

  3. Karen,
    When were you in Denver??? I'm living there now. I just made the trip east-bound across I70 and loved that section between Grand Junction and Richfield. The area just east of Salina was beautiful--all the trees turning color--even though it was dusk.
    Call me next time you come this way.


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