Friday, October 21, 2011

Pacific St. Afternoon

oil on canvas panel 9x12 inches

The colors of this house on Pacific St. in Tustin caught my eye. I'm not usually a fan of peach and green, but the late afternoon sun gave the house a glow that I really liked. The dappled shadows were a challenge as always. I ended my painting session abruptly because I was cold (haven't been cold in a long time!) I hope to make a few minor changes while at my sales booth tomorrow. This one will be for sale there at the Tustin Art Walk.


  1. Wow and wonderful! Love seeing what you painted. I can see why these pretty colors caught your eye. Great job and hope you warmed up:)

  2. I love paintings of interesting houses with charming details and colors. I'm sure this one will sell at the Tustin Art Walk!


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