Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Bird, Big Cherry -sold

oil on canvas panel 4x6 inches
Sorry I went off the radar for a few days. My mom was ill, but she's doing better now. This month I've been working on cleaning out and re-organizing our house and garage ("3 car" with no room for cars!) So lately my pattern has been paint a few days, off a few days. It's not the best. Re-starting feels awkward. Above is one of my re-starts, trying to keep it simple and small. I'm loving the taupe, red, white and black color scheme lately!


  1. Love that red cherry!! Little Miss Bird looks like she is dropping a treat at your feet! Wonderful color harmony- love the brushwork on Miss Bird:) Just good!

  2. Your title and this painting made me smile. I LOVE small paintings. So much can be said.
    Good luck with all your organizing and your Mom. Hope she continues to feel better.

  3. I like that color combo too, Karen! Have been on a bit of a cleaning binge here too, must get back into painting mode!

  4. Karen I love how you painted this sweet little bird and cherry!


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