Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Grown

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
not for sale

The night before we left on our trip, my friend Angie came by to pick up my little Malte-Poo and gave us these beautiful tomatoes. Each one seemed to glow with color not seen in grocery store tomatoes. I packed for the trip, then stayed up to paint the tomatoes.
Sorry my posts have been few lately. For a variety of reasons I've been dragging...just no energy. Hope to get back into the paint-'n-post routine next week.


  1. This is lovely- really nice changes in the that green spot on the back one!
    I think this heat is getting to us all. Take care and recharge:)

  2. Your paintings glow!!Love the lemon you have on Daily Paintworks today. So lovely! Fun travels!

  3. Really beautiful, Karen. Love the three different colors of the tomatoes. Wonderful values and edges. And I like the yellow underpainting showing through. I'm with Kathy, I love that green spot!


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