Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dos Tomatillos -sold

oil on canvas panel 4x4 inches

The other day I happened upon a great farmer's market at a local hospital. I guess they're trying to get us to eat more fruits and veggies and keep us out of their hospital. :-) These tiny tomatillos caught my eye with their yellow-green and violet color. Painting them seemed similar to painting small pumpkins. I haven't a clue as to how you eat them.


  1. Fantastic- love the gorgeous purple color popping through. And that sweet highlight right there:) I don't know how to eat them either- let us know if you find out!

  2. I know how to eat them, but I don't know how to prepare them. Here in San Antonio every restaurant serves a green salsa made with tomatillos.
    It's usually milder than the red salsas which are full of jalapenos. The green salsa is garlicky and mild. I love it!

    Anyway, this is a darling little painting, Karen. The bright greens and deep purples really set each other off. Good job!

  3. Beautifully painted!

    We make a spicy green salsa with those tomatillos. Just boil the tomatillos and blend. If you ever want to sample, just let me know...we aren't too far away from each other.


  4. Interesting subject matter for s painting, I never seen tomatillos painted before. You did a wonderful job. They do make a great salsa. I tried growing them one year but had no luck.

  5. I love this color combination! Interesting to read others comments on how you prepare them.

  6. One of your best paintings ever, I think! It's loose and lively and employs an unusual and very effective color scheme.


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