Monday, August 22, 2011

Tres Tomatillos

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
The little tomatillos are holding up pretty well. Anybody remember The Flying Nun?


  1. I remember the flying nun and I love this painting of the flying tomatillos :D

  2. It does look like it's about to fly! I really like that bright lime green with the purple. Very nice.

  3. Sure do, Karen! And the "wings" are very familiar. Delightful painting! Lots of shades and temperatures of green.

  4. I just came over from the DPW Challenge site. Your painting for the "stack" challenges has the 2nd most comments! It is a beautiful painting, Karen.

    Unfortunately for you, somebody stacked kittens. Who can compete with that?

  5. That back tomatillo sure has some personality:) Love the shaping and the wings are awesome! I love the colors in this. Really like all the background brushwork. Man, you can paint!


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