Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cactus Monster

watercolor on Arches paper 10x14 inches
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Every Tuesday night I get to paint with some artist friends. Yay! It's a good opportunity for me to play with watercolor...nothing serious, just mess around. I get a kick out of making cactus needles with masking fluid and have done a few prickley paintings this way. Some pretty pink pricklies are previously posted. (Couldn't resist.) This one appeared as a monster.


  1. Karen, Your watercolors are really lovely, so loose, light, and fresh looking! I've always tried to get the hang of watercolor, but never could get it right. You have gotten it right! Even tho you say you are "just messing around", in my opinion this is a perfect example of how a watercolor painting should look!! Especially with such a difficult subject, I love the needles, great job!

  2. Great job, indeed! I'm glad you explained how you used masking fluid. Watercolors are a mystery to me. I always wonder how you know what to leave white!


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