Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pottery Pear

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches
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Here I've pared the pear (!) with more earthy colors. I'm a big fan of amber yellow and this is one of my favorite hand made bowls. The scalloped pattern adds interesting little tiny shapes amid the large shapes. I really liked the glow of reflected light up onto the bottom shadow side of the pear, but in trying to get that I had to carefully keep the value dark enough to read "shadow side." I'm quite happy with this one and it's cousin: Tomato & Clay, posted Sept. 16th.


  1. Gorgeous pear! Lots of rich color and great modeling. The lovely neutrals in the background make the bright part of the pear pop. Nice work!

  2. I like both paintings. Really like your use of colors in your paintings and the nice loose brush strokes.

  3. Love this painting Karen. Your pear is just beautiful!

  4. Does the pear know this could be a danger zone? Love the pie potter piece and the beautiful pear.


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