Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Under Gray Skies

"Warm Inside"
oil on canvas panel 9x12 inches
Awarded Third Place, Tustin Plein Air Contest, October 23, 2010
Chances of rain today: 60%. I decided to go on the other 40% for no rain, but just in case I set up right under the open hatchback of my car with my painting umbrella up too. Not a drop fell! With very gray skies, the warmly lit interior of this little "oldest building" in Tustin made for a nice subject. The photo of my painting is terrible. It seems that gray skies gray down everything...even paintings I try to photograph outside. On a sunny day, I'll get a good shot and post it later. I had a great time painting and talking to the few people who stopped by.


  1. I wish I had been with you. It looks like a charming place and your painting is wonderful.

  2. Glad it didn't rain on you! I like that you showed your set up. It looks like you captured a wonderful representation of the original. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Wow! Even grayed down I can tell you did a beautiful job. Best wishes.

  4. Hey Karen...I love the way you picture the building in the background of your beautiful painting!

  5. great spot to paint! gray can be so nice on canvas, especially it can let other color, like red standout much more!


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