Thursday, April 14, 2011

Serving Sunshine SOLD

While working on this one I had an unexpected aromatherapy session! I was transported back to when I was a young girl pushing whole cloves into the rind of an orange to make a fragrant pomander. Sometimes they were rolled in cinnamon as well, and hung in a closet making everything smell wonderful while they dried and shrank. The fragrant clove oil in my paint had joined the orange smell to bring back this memory. I hadn't thought about those pomanders in years! The therapy session produced a painting I'm quite happy with!

oil on canvas panel 6x6 inches


  1. Karen,
    These are the best strawberries I have seen- gorgeous colors and I even enlarged to see the little seeds. Sigh...Even the seeds are in at least 2 shades for the different values. Seriously good! Love the under painting that complements and the brushwork is stellar. Sunshine to look at:)

  2. These little fruits just popped off the page in thumbnail. Wonderful color.

  3. Gorgeous painting. Makes me want to pop one of those strawberries in my mouth right now. Beautiful color and light.
    I made those pomanders in school and the aroma is certainly one to remember.

  4. This is lovely, Karen. The colors of the oranges, ranging from yellows to red are just beautiful.

    I made those pomanders too, when my children were small. I'd work on them in the evenings watching TV.


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